MFP Connectivity Agreement

MFP Connectivity Agreement fee will be added to your invoice at $14.75/month per MFP or at a discounted rate of $150 per year per MFP if paid-in-full up-front.

By submitting my company information below, you are accepting the connectivity agreement, where the following items will be covered for the MFP equipment listed:

  • Creating new Users and shared directories on local PC’s and laptops to facilitate scanning.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving scanning and printing issues
  • Installing print drivers on local PCs • Working with other IT service providers to facilitate printing/ scanning on local PCs as needed.
  • Working with other IT service providers to assist with scanning and printing setup on servers.
  • Basic adjustments to Antivirus programs and or Firewall to facilitate scanning.

Note: Connectivity Agreement requires customers maintain a properly functioning network/computers.


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