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What Managed Print Services Mean For Your Business

Is your business ready for managed print services? You’ve no doubt heard the term getting kicked around: “managed print services”. What is Managed Print Services? In short, the goal of managed print services is to bring together all your print needs under one umbrella. If you are a growing small business than you already know [...]

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Do I need an 11×17 Paper Tray?

The 11x17 Paper Tray – Does it Matter? One of the items that correlate to the price of a new multi-function printer are the available paper trays. Most copiers and digital printers in the United States offer 8 ½ x 11 paper trays. These are typically known as standard US letter paper size. These standard [...]

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Kyocera Scanning – Page Separation

Kyocera Scanning Tip – File Separation Function Many of us have come to rely on our multi-function printer’s scanning functions. The past few generations of Kyocera MFP’s offer advanced scanning features and the ability to perform document management tasks. One commonly-needed function, but often overlooked, is “file separation”. By default, if scanning a stack of [...]

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What’s the difference between one shredder and another?

Different Cuts A common question we are asked is if there is really a difference between shredders? Some are strip-cut style where a piece of paper is split into thin strips,  some are cross-cut which also cuts the strips horizontally, and finally there are micro-cut shredders that pulverize shredded documents into a fine confetti. Can [...]

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Case Study: Paul Effman Music and Kyocera TaskAlfa w/ Dual-Side Scanning

Case Study Kyocera MFP Scanning Solution Company: Paul Effman Music in Lagrangeville Overview: Paul Effman Music provides music programs to parochial and catholic schools throughout the United States. In addition to their music service, they also rent instruments to public schools students and have several retail stores in New York. Identifying a Problem: Paul Effman [...]

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Printing Posters In-House: A Great Way to Save Money?

Do You Print Posters? If you utilize prints or posters in your business, be it a retailer creating promotional sale posters, a photographer making prints, or perhaps a graph9ic designer printing concepts in poster size, you may have outsourced a printing job. What did that cost? It’s not uncommon for a 24x16 size poster print [...]

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Advanced Office Technology in the News!

While this news article is from a year ago, we still wanted to highlight it on our new website. The author, Bob Dumas, from Mahopac News does an incredible job of telling the story of our business. Sal Altavilla started Advanced Office Technology over 35 years ago as a single employee and through his commitment [...]

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The Importance of Copy Paper Storage

How to Properly Store Copy Paper Paper and humidity: We know, it sounds kind of crazy. You may have heard that the issue with your paper jamming could be attributed to improperly stored copy paper. It sure sounds like an easy excuse for a copier repair tech to throw out there as an excuse for [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider Advanced Office Technology for Your Office

There are many companies that offer sales and service for multi-function copiers throughout New York and Connecticut, however there are a few distinct qualities that differentiate Advanced Office Technology from the competition! Company Size and History Located in Brewster, New York, with a parts and supply satellite office in Stamford, Connecticut, Advanced Office Technology has [...]

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Choosing Between a Black and White or Color MFP (Multi-Function Printer)

Do I need a Black and White or Color Multi-Function Copier? It’s not uncommon for clients to struggle in deciding between a black and white vs. a color MFP (Multi-function printer). A lot it depends on the needs of the organization and/or the people using the equipment, but considering a few key factors may help [...]

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