Protecting Our Staff and Customers

Brewster, NY — 8/5/2021Advanced Office Technology is proud to announce that our entire staff is fully vaccinated.  The safety of our employees and customers is our top-priority and paramount to our business.

“With sales and support staff out in the field providing support for essential organizations, it was critical to ensure our staff was fully protected from COVID-19 as quickly as possible” said company founder Sal Altavilla.

Keeping Essential Businesses Running

While the pandemic forced most businesses to close, essential businesses remained open. We continued to provide supports to ensure essential businesses could continue to rely on their office technology. From copier and printer support, to remote-access solutions for high-risk employees working from home and being one of the first organizations in the Hudson Valley to provide state-of-the-art temperature scanning kiosks, our incredible staff at Advanced Office Technology has remained dedicated to helping our customers through these difficult and challenging times.

About Advanced Office Technology

Advanced Office Technology is a family-owned business that is strongly committed to providing our customers with the very best and most economical solutions to streamline processes and make offices big and small as efficient as possible. We’ve been serving the needs of our clients throughout the country for over 35 years!