Different Cuts

A common question we are asked is if there is really a difference between shredders? Some are strip-cut style where a piece of paper is split into thin strips,  some are cross-cut which also cuts the strips horizontally, and finally there are micro-cut shredders that pulverize shredded documents into a fine confetti.

Can it be Recovered?

In terms of being able to “piece back together” a shredded document, the split cut is the easiest to reassemble, the cross-cut and micro-cut are exponentially more difficult to reassemble (and virtually impossible).

International Standards

Things get a lot more interesting when you look at the international standards for exactly what’s required to shred a document. These standards offer various levels of certiifcations for a variety of cut types. In fact, there are six different security levels defined by “DIN66399” international standards.  Level P-2 represents most traditional strip cuts, While level 7 (the highest) must conform to a cut that is at least smaller than 1mm strip width with a cross-cut.

The laws and labilities may vary from industry to industry – for example the legal requirement for destroying documents at law-firm maybe different than a medical office, which may also differ from a top-secret government organization. Ensuring you only purchase shredders that meet and exceed these requirements, like those offered through Advanced Copier Technology by MBM DestroyIT, ensures you aren’t putting your business at risk, nor your customers confidential information.

PCI Compliance

More importantly, businesses can be held financially and legally liable in the event documents are not properly destroyed. This is especially common in businesses that accept credit cards that must meet PCI compliance standards. These strict guidelines were designed to ensure companies to everything within their power to protect credit card information.

MBM DestroyIT

Advanced Office Technology is a MBM DestroyIT shredder authorized dealer. We offer a variety of shredder models at each level of the international standards – being able to provide the most cost-effective solutions for each application.

MBM DestroyIT shredders also have a lifetime warranty on their cutting blades, and provide models that are HIPPA compliant as well as FACTA compliant.

It’s important to remember, not all shredders are created equal, and more importantly not all shredders may meet your legal and liability thresholds!