Do I need a Black and White or Color Multi-Function Copier?

It’s not uncommon for clients to struggle in deciding between a black and white vs. a color MFP (Multi-function printer). A lot it depends on the needs of the organization and/or the people using the equipment, but considering a few key factors may help come to a confident decision.



The first question asked is what is the additional cost of a color multi-function copier? Part of the struggle in making the decision is that color units, while typically more expensive then their black and white counterparts, when expensed over a multi-year lease result in monthly payments that are not significantly different.


The great news is with the service contracts offered by Advanced Office Technology, you only pay per copy. While the cost of a color copy is more than a black and white, most clients appreciate the ability to have color when you need it, but maintain the same cost of black and white copies that are far more common. The added benefit is there is no wasteful spending, you only pay for what you use!

Speed vs. Beauty

If your organization does in-house marketing or sales, the color options are fantastic. It provides the flexibility to produce beautiful full-color marketing materials or sales promotions, contracts, proposals, etc. at very affordable rates. Color is essential to making a lasting impact on a prospective client or driving home the point in presentations of any type.

In capacities where speed and efficiency is paramount, and color features is not as important, dollar for dollar you will typically find that the comparably priced black and white machine will run faster per copy than the color counterpart. In these environments, the money saved by forgoing the color option maybe better spent on extended paper trays – which equates to more time copying and less time filling paper trays.


The Kyocera line of multi-function printers offers a wide-range of units with varying speeds and feature sets. While there was once a time that color copiers consumed more floor space than a black and white machine, this is no longer the case.  Kyocera offers many color models that are comparable in size to their black and white counterparts.

Color or Black and White?

While not always an easy choice, considering the factors above may help drill down which functions are most important to you and your organization. Of course, with the incredible line of Kyocera Multi-Function Printers, you never have to sacrifice – if speed and beauty are paramount together, Kyocera also offers high-speed color copiers, and you can always add-on features like fax, extended paper-trays, staplers, etc.