Temperature scanning kiosks are stand-alone digital solutions to help navigate these difficult times as a result of COVID-19. Temperature scanning kiosks can use WiFi or Ethernet connections or allow for logging, remote monitoring, facial recognition, automatic email alerts and more…

Protecting Your Employees

The “new normal” of temperature scanning involves a handheld scanner which must be held within an inch or so of the head of the person being scanned. This means an employee is forced to break social distancing guidelines to get close enough to scan the person. By using one of the variety of temperature scanning kiosks available, you can redirect resources to avoid putting an employee in the uncomfortable position of scanning people’s temperature.

With automatic mask detection, the system can also monitor to ensure everyone is wearing a proper face mask. The kiosk can produce alerts and display warnings if anyone who is scanned is not wearing a face mask.

A temperature scanning kiosk is a solution that allows each employee or client to scan their own temperature utilizing instant alerts, email notifications and more if anyone’s temperature exceeds the desired threshold.

Demonstrating the commitment to safety

The temperature scanning kiosk in and of itself is a visual commitment to safety. Employees and customers immediately realize that you’ve made their safety a top priority. They are easy to use and can easily integrate into your current IT infrastructure.

Liability Protection

Although regulations vary state to state, it’s important to protect your business. The advanced technology built-in to our temperature scanning kiosks can log each engagement with the unit. This provides proof and evidence that all reasonable steps were taken to ensure employees and customers were properly evaluated prior to being allowed admittance inside buildings, offices, or higher-risk rooms. These logs double as a contact tracing mechanism should it be necessary.


We offer a scalable solution from small-business to enterprise level temperate scanning solutions. In an enterprise environment, our kiosks can provide detailed logs of attendance, facial recognition of employees, and remote administration. There are SDKs’ available to integrate into enterprise level security and surveillance systems.


With a variety of devices available, each special need can be accommodated. We offer standing units for adults, children, and convenient desktop models. Temperatures can accurately be analyzed from up to three feet away. Regardless of available floor space or office layout, we offer a solution for your need. With the ability to connect via WiFi or Ethernet, we can also accommodate connection to your network regardless of your network’s configuration. We even have a turnstile solution that can be rotated around for convenience. These units also offer stand-alone operation with no network connection required!

There are clearly many reasons a temperate scanning kiosk makes a lot of sense for your business beyond these five examples, so give us a call today for a quote. We are a family-owned business looking to assist our friends and neighbors with solutions to the unique needs of today’s challenging safety environment.