Do You Print Posters?

If you utilize prints or posters in your business, be it a retailer creating promotional sale posters, a photographer making prints, or perhaps a graph9ic designer printing concepts in poster size, you may have outsourced a printing job.

What did that cost? It’s not uncommon for a 24×16 size poster print to run $50, with double the size being double the price. You may find it surprising how affordable in-house wide-format printing can be with the newest line of Canon color wide-format inkjet printers.

Canon Wide-Format Inkjet Printers

With 24” wide units starting at less than $50/month, many businesses that print even just one poster per month could find a savings over outsourcing the print jobs. Not only is there a savings potential with the printing itself, but a clear return-on-investment to having rapid turnaround times. A poster can go from inception, design, to hanging on the wall in a matter of hours instead of days!

With innovative software technology, and edge to edge printing features on the Canon models, you can print multiple sheets with overlap to create stunning large prints that appear virtually seamless! Recently, we held a tech-fair where Canon provided live demonstrations of their technology. The photo above shows a monopoly board that was printed in minutes from their most cost-effective model.

Canon also offers a wide variety of paper choices, from matte paper, to photography speciality papers (glossy, luster, etc) and even including light-adhesive varieties similar to FatHead prints that can be placed on a wall and easily peeled off at a later time.

Leasing or Buying a new Canon Wide-format inkjet

Advanced Office Technology offers the full suite of Canon wide-format inkjet printers, and our automation experts can tailor solutions to your specific needs. Please contact us today to learn more about lease and purchase options.