Do I need an 11×17 Paper Tray?

The 11x17 Paper Tray – Does it Matter? One of the items that correlate to the price of a new multi-function printer are the available paper trays. Most copiers and digital printers in the United States offer 8 ½ x 11 paper trays. These are typically known as standard US letter paper size. These standard [...]

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What’s the difference between one shredder and another?

Different Cuts A common question we are asked is if there is really a difference between shredders? Some are strip-cut style where a piece of paper is split into thin strips,  some are cross-cut which also cuts the strips horizontally, and finally there are micro-cut shredders that pulverize shredded documents into a fine confetti. Can [...]

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Printing Posters In-House: A Great Way to Save Money?

Do You Print Posters? If you utilize prints or posters in your business, be it a retailer creating promotional sale posters, a photographer making prints, or perhaps a graph9ic designer printing concepts in poster size, you may have outsourced a printing job. What did that cost? It’s not uncommon for a 24x16 size poster print [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider Advanced Office Technology for Your Office

There are many companies that offer sales and service for multi-function copiers throughout New York and Connecticut, however there are a few distinct qualities that differentiate Advanced Office Technology from the competition! Company Size and History Located in Brewster, New York, with a parts and supply satellite office in Stamford, Connecticut, Advanced Office Technology has [...]

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Choosing Between a Black and White or Color MFP (Multi-Function Printer)

Do I need a Black and White or Color Multi-Function Copier? It’s not uncommon for clients to struggle in deciding between a black and white vs. a color MFP (Multi-function printer). A lot it depends on the needs of the organization and/or the people using the equipment, but considering a few key factors may help [...]

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