Kyocera Scanning Tip – File Separation Function

Many of us have come to rely on our multi-function printer’s scanning functions. The past few generations of Kyocera MFP’s offer advanced scanning features and the ability to perform document management tasks.

One commonly-needed function, but often overlooked, is “file separation”. By default, if scanning a stack of documents in the document feeder, a Kyocera MFP will put all the pages into a single PDF file. In some instances, it would be nice if we could put a stack of pages in the feeder and have each one scan to its own PDF file.

File Separation

Welcome to the “file separation” function! When scanning, under the scan options you can enable “file separation”. Once enabled, when multiple pages are scanned from the document feeder, each page will be saved to its own unique PDF file. Each file will end in 001, 002, 003, representing the page number within the stack.

This feature is incredibly useful when scanning a stack of documents that pertain to individual customers. For example, a stack of sales receipts you’d want to attach to each customers account. If you currently do this by scanning one page at a time, file separation will serve as a tremendous time saver!

If you are frequently utilizing scanning functions over a network, or scanning large amounts of data onto a server you are encouraged to reach out to us to inquire about Kyocera HyPAS applications that may offer amazing efficiencies to your scanning workflow.

Review Your Needs

We’d be happy to review your workflows to determine if your equipment is best serving your needs. Reducing paper and filing has become paramount for todays rapid-paced businesses, and we strive to offer solutions to help reduce clutter, reduce paper storage, and most importantly reduce the labor intensive tasks such as filing.