Is your business ready for managed print services?

You’ve no doubt heard the term getting kicked around: “managed print services”.

What is Managed Print Services?

In short, the goal of managed print services is to bring together all your print needs under one umbrella. If you are a growing small business than you already know the pain of managing the printers in your business. Each printer and copier are a different brand, uses different inks or toners, use different software, and as the business owner you don’t even have the ability to easily monitor the usages across your business and network. On the other hand, if you are running a large established business you already know how important it is to ensure efficiency and consistency throughout your enterprise.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits or managed print services –

Central administration

A huge benefit of managed print services is being able to administer all the printers throughout your organization. Increasing efficiency starts with establishing baselines to monitor printing usage. You could quickly identify one office, department, or individual is printing much more than anyone else and determine if this is necessary or wasteful and make empowered decisions about print usage.

Perhaps you have printing equipment deployed that’s not even being used at all, can it be re-allocated elsewhere in the business where it can be productive?

With managed print services it’s easy to see where budgets are being spent in printing. Companies can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on print costs, but many business managers and owners can’t say exactly how that money is being spent. With all of your printing needs consolidated it’s simple to evaluate and establish the ROI on your printing operations.

Many Printers – One Provider

An office has several copier machines, a wide-format plotter, and a half dozen desktop printers. If this office is like most, the copiers are supported by one company, the plotter another company, and the desktops are a hodgepodge of brands with no real service or repair options.

With managed print services, Advanced Office Technology manages all of the equipment needed in the office. We will take care of service, maintenance, and supplies for every printer, copier, plotter, scanner, and even paper shredders within the office. You can rely on one company you know and trust to handle everything; one company, one phone number, with one point of contact.

Workplace Consistencyman struggling with printer

And what about supplies? Ugh – nothing is worse than roaming around the office superstore trying to find ink and toner for 5 different printers, waiting in line once you find what you need, only to get back to the office and find out the ink you bought is not correct. Don’t waste time at the store, let Advanced Office Technology take the burden – we’ll make sure you have what you need, when you need it… no waiting in line… no trying to figure out the right model cartridge… no wasting time. Save time, save money! The staff at your office will always have a consistent and accurate supply of the correct inks and toners.


One of the most significant benefits and cost efficiencies of managed print services is scalability. Your print equipment can quickly and easily grow with your business. As your business needs change and the landscape of your printer needs change, Advanced Office Technology will ensure you have the correct equipment at all times so you can always get the job done!

What about my current equipment?

There is no need to discard your current print equipment. Advanced Office Technology can assume maintenance, repair, and service of all major brands of printers. You can continue to enjoy your current equipment without the hassle and headaches of finding supplies and dealing with “MIA” manufacturers with overseas technical support. We can gradually introduce our product lines into your business processes as needed.

IT Support (Bonus Benefit)

In terms of consolidating services, Advanced Office Technology can also deliver on the IT front. Your network is the heart of your business, and you know when computers go down your business goes down. Consider bundling your IT needs with your printer needs for the ultimate all-in-one solution. Not only does this make sense to save time and money, but more importantly we can ensure the advanced security features provided by our printer hardware isn’t compromised by poorly secured or improperly configured network hardware.

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