Having lines on your copies and/or scans is similar to having a dirty windshield or dirty eyeglasses.  These lines are usually caused by white-out or wet ink on the original documents.  See below to determine if your machine’s “slit glass” needs to be cleaned.

1. Lift the ADF (automatic document feeder) and place a clean document on the glass and make a copy.

a. If the copy is clean, it is likely your slit glass needs cleaning.  Proceed to step 2.

b. If the copy has lines on it or other marks (that are not on the original), it is possible your main (big) glass needs to be cleaned. Clean the main glass and perform step 1 again. If the marks are repeated every couple of inches, please call service)

2. Close the ADF, place a clean document in the ADF (feeder) and make a copy.

a. If the copy has lines on it (that are not on the original), your slit glass needs to be cleaned.  The slit glass is the long thin piece of glass to the left of the large, main glass (see photo).  

b. Place the “dirty” copy face up on the main glass in the same fashion as you would place it in the ADF.  Follow the line (on the paper) over to the slit glass (think of it as an arrow) and clean the area on the slit glass where the line is pointing.  (Ink on the glass will be difficult to see, try using a flashlight, or cell phone), Perform step 2 again.
If you are still having trouble with print quality or lines on your copies, please give us a call at Advanced Office Technology and we can help diagnose and repair the issue!